The power of your energy!

I really want to share with you the power of your energy and how valuable it is. How would you like it if I told you that you have the power within to change your life and live the dreams that you desire?

You probably notice those times when you think of someone or something that you would like to do or achieve and then then that very thing or something in relation to your goals shows up in your life – sound familiar??? Well this is all about being apart of your own energy and being on that frequency and I like to describe this as PERSONAL POWER.

Energy is valuable and transformative – what we feel or what we put out into our life we attract back. Energy is a force – it’s an attraction (be it positive or negative). You have power over the energy you use and you have unlimited ability for how you choose to bring energy into your life and how you think and act from this.

Everyday we have thoughts, feelings, emotions that we go through (that’s just part of everyday living) however I feel a key missing link (that at times we may not be aware of) is that these feelings and thoughts create our REALITY. Feelings are our FUEL which then leads into inspired and empowered ACTION to propel forward and achieve our GOALS.

Once you understand your thoughts and how your thoughts affect your behaviour’s and emotions you’ll soon find you are more powerful then you could ever imagine. Thoughts affect what appears in your life as your reality. This is why I strongly believe that in order to change your body and your outer world, one must connect within, awaken the mind and then the results will come naturally. By connecting within it allows you to create those goals that are in alignment with your souls true purpose – goals in fitness, personal, work etc.

So just think in every moment we can change our life! And it all starts with YOU. From being conscious of our mindset and the energy we are radiating we are able to come into a place where we feel empowered, energised, awakened and confident. We are in alignment with our mind, body and soul – it is from this place that patterns in our bodies change, and there is a change in our behaviour. All it takes is that shift to connect within.

So create your YOU-niverse and spread your beautiful energy!

Love Katharina