The Power Of The FEMININE

The Power of the FEMININE

We live in a world where masculine and feminine energies are at an imbalance. Imbalances occur when men are valued more then women – (our feminine energy). The masculine energy becomes dominant where women are being told to ‘man up’ instead of ‘women up’. In today’s society we value what the male values not really understanding the feminine values and energies. So I feel it’s important that we step into ourselves and own our feminine power.
Values of male may include:

– The idea that we need to work, work, work, and
– Not pay attention to what we are actually feeling.

Values of the feminine may include:

– Being interconnected
– Deep intuitions
– Surrendering and releasing

However these values have become devalued.
As we are taught to man up and work really hard, we get stressed which produces cortisol, and we become irritated – this makes us become in a state of disconnection.

We forget to take the time to pleasure ourselves – you know all those enjoyable moments and the little things that truly resonate with our hearts desires, allowing us to connect within, taking time out for ourselves. This may include things like taking a hot bath with bubbles with our favourite scented candles, playing our favourite song and having a dance around, having a cup of tea, going for a walk in the sunshine and partaking in active activities that are in alignment with our soul.

When we are in our masculine we stand in that mindset of “ we don’t have time for this, we don’t have time to pleasure ourselves for that ‘me’ time”. When we are hard on ourselves everything around us suffers including the results we end up creating. When you hate on your-self, you radiate a negative form of energy and are not in a state of self –love, where you can’t love a sister or those around you.

This is why it is so important that we are in a state where we are grounded, where we are in touch with our inner- self. This leads to better decision -making, better workouts and everything around us then runs in a state of flow – a better connection.

When we have a pleasurable experience, endorphins are released and this provides support in our body getting rid of cortisol and we become in a state of a natural high. This can only happen if we take that fundamental step of standing for our own happiness – which leads to self-love. It is important that we stay in that mode of being: of connecting within to our inner feminine more deeply.

We all have the power and potential to spread self-love and our feminine energy by taking that step of joy to be enhanced right now. If we all can be aware of just how important enough we are, knowing our worth, we are then filled with a sense of self-love. This is then radiated from within you and to those around you, the sense of connection starts to fill and spreads where we can stand together and open up more space for more women to take the sisterhood community to a special space where we have never been before.

Remember: You are beautiful, brave, successful, strong and capable.


Think of yourself at the highest possible – because after all we are all here to evolve, grow and share our unique gifts together.

Love Katharina