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L.O.V.E is the essence of life. When it comes to being active we believe in being on a vibrational frequency of energy + love with ourselves. Self-love is a series of loving actions that we practice everyday + can mean something different to everyone. Love is the most powerful force + energy —- one of the most meaningful things we can offer ourselves + one another. Acceptance + love must come from within + practising self-love can be challenging for many of us. We chat with Self-lover Alana Arvanitis from The Self Love Movement who shares with us her daily practices on how she acts from a place of love — connecting with her energy daily, to push past limiting beliefs to live life to its full potential + #movewithpurpose



Tell us about yourself and what self- love means to you

My name is Alana Arvanitis and I am the founder of The Self-Love Movement. I am 28 years young and live on the gorgeous sunny Gold Coast with my adorable partner and dog! Creativity is my happy place so I am always thinking of new things, learning, expanding my mind, indulging in yummy exotic foods, drawing, painting, all things creative! I have always been a massive lover of life and relationships. These two things are so important to maintaining a healthy and joyful life. To me, Self-Love simply means the regard for my own happiness & well-being. So I need to know, what makes me truly happy on a soul level and what is benefiting my well-being? When I have these two areas understood, my love cup will be so full and I can continue pouring so much love to others! You know the saying – “You can’t pour from an empty cup”?! It is very true. The love you give yourself will be reflected with your entire world around you.

Why did you start The Self-Love Movement?

For the most part it was actually my deep frustration, which is often a clue to what our purpose is in life. I was frustrated at the women around me settling for less than average, for giving in to social constraints, for not loving their bodies and their selves, for not having an expanded mind or the tools to know to heal your own life and create miracles, and for not having joyful relationships full of love (including self)! I acted on one of my inspired thoughts which was to start a group for women utilising the power of connection and Self-Love. From here, it organically blossomed into the most beautiful movement, a social movement celebrating all things Self-Love!

At Femme Body we are all about Moving With Purpose and connecting from a place within. How do you #movewithpurpose and what self-love habits do you practice daily?

First thing is first… my happiness is a choice! I wake up and choose to be happy and loving, to myself and to others. I then make sure I connect with nature and my dog, we go for a beach walk to recharge and connect! So important and I absolutely love this, it starts my day perfectly!

I also make time to tell myself some compliments and words of encouragement. What would you tell your best-friend? Tell those kinds of words to yourself! An example would be: I love what you are wearing today. Wow you did a great job today Alana! I am so proud of you. Etc.. Best-friend to yourself!

Another important daily Self-Loving habit is how I nourish my mind/body/soul with food but more importantly my thoughts! I intuitively eat.. meaning I tune into my body and ask what I want to eat. She never lies (and dark chocolate is a must). I have constant control over my emotional guidance system – my thoughts and feelings (as do you). We are not our thoughts, we are the thinkers of our thoughts! Therefore, we have full control here and must take ownership. If I ever cast negative or low-vibrational thoughts or feelings into my consciousness I quickly recognise it, feel it, understand it, never judge it, and work my way into bringing it into light. I choose love. Our thoughts are merely a tool to guide us. They show us what feels good and what feels bad

What are your top 3 self-love tips?

  1. Accept yourself as a perfect complete human being right now. There is no one like you, and that is the greatest gift of all time.

2. Make time to do things that truly make you happy. Put yourself first even if it means saying “no” to certain people or environments.

3. Feed your mind, body and soul with all things nourishing. Learn more, expand your mind, step out of your comfort zone, try something new, exercise your power of no, eat good food, cut out things that no longer serve you and always choose love!

Why is health and love a priority to you?

The more I love who I am the more I want to only nourish my mind, body and soul. To me, health is more than being fit and active, a healthy mind is vital for your own success. And the more I love, the more healthy I am. And the more healthy I am, the more love I have to give! It is a beautiful circle indeed. These two elements of life are vital to have in top order for a life that flows and is full of abundance.

Why should we choose love over fear?

Although in some ways fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth, and truth ultimately equals love. Therefore fear can be a very useful tool in life, but you should never live in fear, you should always breakthrough it to reach closer to love! And why is love better than fear? Love is the most powerful force within our reality, and it is the root of all existence. When you live a life of love your entire world will reflect abundance, joy, happiness and gratitude! You will deepen your connection to self, to relationships, to your purpose and to the life you live. Love is the driving force that will transcend you beyond all of your limitations, to a place of pure conscious flow!

Who inspires you?

I have many leaders whom I look up to for inspiration such as Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra, but the people who inspire me the most are the ones I see around me, stepping into their power and claiming what is truly theirs. Rising above all of their fears, hesitations and stories to become the best possible version of themselves.  That is inspiring!

What is your favourite mantra or message you would like to share?

I love this mantra:

“Attract what you expect, Reflect what you desire, Become what you respect, Mirror what you admire.”

It all starts with you and the love you have for self. Your entire world is reflective of the relationship you hold with self. Learn to love yourself unconditionally and truly accept your uniqueness and greatness that you hold. Look down at your hands and recognise that no one on this Earth has the same fingerprints as YOU!  You are beautiful, you are worthy, and you are loved.



Alana Arvanitis is a blend of creativity, a passionate lover of life, an intuitive self-relationship coach and the creator of The Self-Love Movement.  Alana facilitates events which inspire, empower and support women with the devotion to Self-Love.

You can connect with Alana here:

Instagram: @theselflovemovementgc

Facebook: / theselflovemovementGC