Soul Chat // Setting Rituals with Violet Gray

Rituals are an important practice in your day to day to connect with one’s self and creates opportunity for growth and transformation. We chat with Alex :: Founder of Violet Gray who shares with us the importance of her daily rituals and how she moves with purpose daily

What made you start Violet Gray?

A creative curiosity! I had always loved crafting with my hands and had operated a few smaller labels prior, but had not really 100% committed to the process and time required to run a business.  So I was working a yacht in Spain and I decided that I needed to persue my desire to design / make jewellery – either that, or forget about it! So I did… and here we are 4.5 years later

We are lovers of practicing a daily ritual in the morning to help set the tone of the day – What does your daily ritual involve?

Ritual is so important in my life! 

I wake, and aim to lay in conscious stillness focusing on my breath before I get out of bed. I oil pull (swish coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes) as I tidy the house and make a green smoothie. Then I am out the door for a high intentsity training sesh, yoga, run or walk with my chocolate lab, Louie. I grab a coffee or tumeric latte on my way home, shower and turn on my computer! 

Is there a particular crystal you are drawn to and wear often?

It changes all of the time, depending on what I am drawn to or logically feel like I need (note : it isn’t always a benefit for your intuition when you ‘know’ about crystal properties). At the moment, I am keeping my physical adornment really simple – so I find myself switching between a Boulder Opal necklace (worn to centre myself) or a Garnet ring (worn for self-belief). 

I sit Clear Quartz (clarity) and Black Tourmaline (protection) in front of my computer screen and Citrine by my front door (abundance). But I do have a lot of crystals – in all forms, in my life.  

The thing to remember is that there is no ‘wrong or right’ way to use / wear crystals. If you trust your intuition and then read up on what you are drawn to, it will often make so much sense. Go with your gut ladies…. 

Who inspires you?

People who are really living their own life, based on what feels good for them. It is not something that is really definable with a title or words – but when you meet a person that is in alignment with their purpose and passion, you can feel it. That inspires me….. 

What’s your favourite mantra you would like to share?

Right now, ‘rest don’t quit. Patience and trust are on my side.’


At Femme Body we believe it is important to connect within and empower our feminine energy to assist in embracing confidence  – How do you move with purpose daily?

Good question! 

I try not to compare myself to others and if I find myself doing this, I switch off the screen or just become aware of the sabotaging thoughts. Confidence comes from within, you have to love yourself and make your own choices. So I connect with myself often and ask ‘does this feel good? If not, why not? And how could I handle this situation so it does feel aligned?’. And I journal.  


You can connect with Alex here:

Instagram: @violetgraydesign