At Femme every item is uniquely designed on the Gold Coast and ethically produced in Australia and China.

There is no way we could do what we do without our manufacturing teams! We believe in the importance of being ethically produced to ensure human rights and work place standards are being met in a safe and fair working environment.

Slow Fashion Movement

What does this mean?

There is no perfect definition of the meaning of ‘slow fashion’ however focuses on smaller batch production, style, design and quality of every item and is crafted with the intent for longevity.

Slow Fashion avoids the trendiness of ‘fast, mass produced manufacturing’ and looks for alternative avenues to rethink the fashion industry by taking a more mindful approach in production.

Our Office Environment

We use eco- friendly packaging with our orders, recycled office materials where we can and are consciously choosing to improve and implement various ways of working towards a more sustainable future – every little bit counts!

More To Come…

We are certainly not flawless however we are consistently researching and trying to source processes to assist with obtaining a more positive impact towards our environment. We hope to eventually steer towards a strong sustainable direction to help make a difference.