ENERGY EXCHANGE || It’s all about the LOVE with Life & Happiness Coach Millie Aldridge




Millie Aldridge is a Life & Happiness Coach & Yoga Instructor.

Her mission is to support women to love themselves and feel happy from the inside out, taking them on an empowering journey to feel confident, speak their truth and learning to respect themselves. 

We are so happy to share with you her story and how important it is to incorporate LOVE into your life.




For years I over exercised and restricted my food intake. I flogged my body at the gym sometimes twice a day and felt guilty if I ate anything “bad!” I would not go out with my friends in-case there was no “chicken and broccoli” option. And let me tell you, this was a very boring and unrewarding way to live. I then traveled to Italy by myself for 2 months and had a few very powerful AHA moments. When I came back I decided to be a little easier on myself. I put on about 5 kgs while I was away and three ladies at the gym I worked at when I got home asked if I was pregnant. Without blaming them, this really set me off into a hole and a deep state of sadness and feeling unworthy and not good enough. Over the next year I quit being a Personal Trainer (which I loved) stopped exercising and began to eat every time I was emotional. I created a disorder eating habit called binge eating and in that year I put on 15kg.

I do no regret any of my past because I believe it has gotten me to where I am today, a lovable, confident and happy soul. But let me be honest with you, for me it was not until I dived deep within myself and began to do my own inner personal development work and began to love and accept myself unconditionally that my relationship with food, exercise and my body image transformed. I now move my body because I love and respect it, I nourish it with healthy food because I honor it and want to feel better.




When you learn to fully LOVE and ACCEPT your body unconditionally you treat it with the utmost respect. You move your body because it helps you feel better, you feed it nutritious and delicious food to help you feel more alive. No longer do you sabotage yourself restricting your food intake or over eating, no longer do you flog your body doing exercise you hate. What I know for sure, is that when I began to trust my body everything fell in to place. You see our bodies are so smart, all we as human beings need to do is get out of our head and listen to what our body is telling us. Our body craves healthy food and exercise, its your job to be aware and to trust it.


Here are some words of wisdom that you may wish to print out and stick on your vision board to help you create the life of your dreams!:

 Exercise because you LOVE your body, not because you hate it. So often I hear people saying “I just don’t have the MOTIVATION to exercise, I am too lazy!” I am choosing to support you to stop letting those words hold you back! Let me share my experience with you, motivation does come and go and so for me I stopped relying on it. Instead I focused on my WHY. For so long I just wanted to “lose weight” which again is so FEAR based and our weight is constantly fluctuating, so my WHY was never enough to get me to enjoy and continue to exercise. Once I shifted my focus then to LOVING and respecting myself, everything changed. I began to move my body everyday because it helped me feel better within. Get to the core of what it is you really want, if it is to lose weight ask yourself WHY. Often it’s because you want to feel happy and confident. Guess what? when you focus on feeling happy and loving yourself NOW, the weight falls off anyway (because when you respect your body you nourish it with healthy food and choose to move it in a loving way each day.) Be kind and listen to your body- it truly knows best! Our physical bodies will never give us sustainable happiness because they are always changing (when we become a young women our hips get bigger, when we have a baby our shape may change, when we go through menopause our bodies undergo hormonal and physical changes!) so it is so important to shift your focus and go within, your soul is lovable and valuable exactly as you are right now!


It is absolutely perfectly OK to want to work on your body, to become healthier, fitter, stronger AND I am inviting you to work on yourself externally AND internally.

Imagine a loving relationship with your body! What would you say? ” I’m sorry, what would you like to eat, thank you for caring for me, do you need some rest, I love the way you move, I’m grateful for your strength, let’s go for a walk!” I feel as a society we need to stop focusing on our ‘body image’ and focus more on SELF CARE! When we focus on looking after ourselves inside and out, it takes the pressure off our ‘appearance’ and brings awareness to our inner beauty. When you love and accept ALL OF YOU, you radiate health and happiness and people are drawn to your inner glow (at whatever body size or shape you are)

The reason I now have a better relationship with myself is because I stopped letting society dictate what I should and shouldn’t do and instead started listening to what my body needs and what lights me up! Asking yourself WHY when making a choice is such an easy tool to help you start to have a more loving relationship with your body. For example am I exercising from FEAR (of getting fat) or LOVE (because moving my body makes me feel happy) am I eating this food out of FEAR (restricting or over eating) or from LOVE (I eat to nourish my body, I listen and trust my bodies cravings, I am really going to enjoy this chocolate with no guilt)! Together let’s change the way we look at our bodies and create a more LOVABLE mindset.




You can connect with Millie at and for daily inspiration on instagram at @milliead