Soul Chats || Intuitive Nature – Empowering Your Goals

We chat with Susan Jane from Intuitive Nature —  She shares with us her journey, and how developing your intuition is about knowing, feeling and understanding the signs or information you receive and what it means to you to help achieve your goals!


Tell us about yourself and your journey

Hello my name is Susan Jane, I am a Writer’s Centor, a Published Author, Professional Speaker, Intuitive Life Coach and facilitator of Business Workshops. I created the ‘Writer’s Centoring Program’ as my blend of task orientated coaching skills for writers mixed with personally experienced mentoring practices, which I use to keep writers centred to who they really are.

My life changed dramatically when my 20 year marriage ended. I had to personally grow to discover who I really was and what it was that I wanted in my life. Although I had a lot of experience connecting with people, I was nominated for Australian Citizen of the Year in the 1988, things were different now. I went back to university in 2009 studying a Public Health degree fulltime. However six months after I graduated from my three year degree the government changed hands and all Health Promotion positions were made redundant. I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t a spring chicken any longer and I felt extremely out of my depth. How could I personally grow through yet another setback of this proportion?

What made you start Intuitive Nature?

Deep down I intuitively knew there was still a lot more I could offer this world and so I set about to find out what it was that made me shine. On a shoestring budget and with strong faith in my ability, I started writing, formatting and publishing my first personal development book. Oh boy did I make some huge mistakes, but it is because of these mistakes that I now have the experience of being able to help others not make the same ones I did. As I wrote, researched and gathered more learning I knew this path was the correct direction therefore I needed to create a ‘Mother’ company to house all of my creative dreams. Hence was built and it is sits my book Intuitive Flowers: Empowering your Goals, Intuitive-Undies: An Insight into Emotional Mastery (talks and next book) and Intuitive Business: The Writer’s Centoring Program.

Tell us about your book and workshop Intuitive Flowers

I have been fortunate to have spent over 30 years encouraging people to grow within themselves, as an elite sports trainer, a natural therapies professional or through teaching business skills in workshops. Helping individuals learn how to trust and utilise their Intuition to make sound decisions that are in line with their true core values is what my book and workshops are about. The masculine analytical way of creating goals is great to know where you’re going, even how to get there. However we all know it is the journey that is more important and for the creative feminine soul it must be about how we feel. We can achieve all the goals in the world but until you ‘Feel’ like you’ve achieve them you keep seeking that missing element. Intuitive Flowers: Empowering your goal is about feeling what you want and letting your intuition guide you. This book is detailed enough for you to be able to do Flower Readings with ease for your friends and it’s a great way to inspire others to move forward confidently.

Who inspires you?

I have read an enormous amount of books in my time and there are a lot of people that have inspired me along the way. Everyone would know the big names out there such as Nelson Mandela, Wayne Dwyer and Gandhi however what truly inspires me are the small names that get up and have a go in what they truly believe in. The names very few know that constantly strive to create a better space to live within, whether through a better environment, healthy eating or supporting their peers. It is these people that inspire me to continue on, to give gratitude and to enjoy what I have around me.

What’s your favourite mantra you would like to share?

When I started on my quests to improve my life’s situation I was emotionally exhausted so I couldn’t use affirmations that didn’t seem real or true to me. Therefore my favourite mantra was one that allowed me to grow into what I wanted to be realistically and at one step at a time. I would constantly repeat ‘Every day and in every way I’m getting better and better’ and much to my children’s horror, as I got stronger, I would sing it.  

At Femme Body we believe it is important to connect within and empower our feminine energy to assist in embracing confidence  – How do you move with purpose daily?

Every morning before I get out of bed I lay there and think about the day ahead. I think about what I want to achieve, what I achieved the day before and factor in some ‘ME’ time. When I know what I want to do and then seek guidance from my intuition as to the priorities. Sometimes I follow what I have thought about but most times I follow what my intuition tells me to do and it always flows smoother, freer and without a hitch. My confidence is always taken to a new level when my day flows like that and it makes me feel intuitively empowered all day.

You can connect with Susan here:

Facebook: /intuitiveflowers

Instagram: @intuitivenature