How Will You Make Your Move?


At Femme Body we are all about getting the most out of our life every day, living the life you love and have that constant crave for being active.

We have the desire to feel energised and be full of abundance radiating healthy, positive vibes – working in harmony with your mind, body and soul because being active is not only good for your soul but good for your body too. Being active is FUN – active body, active mind-set increases positivity in your life making you feel good, giving you CONFIDENCE and provides you with a healthier state of mind.

BELIEVE and CREATE that feel good energy for yourself – When you do what makes you happy, you feel good and when you feel good you are in the right frame of mind to push towards achieving your goals. Find time, commit to something you LOVE every day and find ways to be active which makes you happy, healthy and filled with joy.

April is the month of #girlsmakeyourmove campaign and all about how you will make YOUR move into an active lifestyle!

Energy is such a powerful emotion, the energy you put out you attract – it’s all about that vibration! So make your move! It all starts with YOU, develop yourself and push yourself towards your goals. Be active and radiate a contagious effect of positive energy, energise your confidence!

It can be a walk on the beach, skipping, going to the gym, yoga, going for a run, attending a boxing class, pilates or spin – exercise creates that happiness to radiate all day!

Give yourself reasons why you CAN do something. Be proud of how far you have come and have faith in how far you will go. Take time to reflect what is important to you, motivate yourself, set short and long term goals which you can then place into realistic steps to achieve them.


Show us how you make YOUR move and share your energy with us!

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