We Love Kombucha!

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Femme loves Kombucha!

WHY?  Because it looks after your gut and tastes good – now that’s a win!

Creating nourishing products in a style that embraces ancient fermentation techniques and pairs them with modern and natural flavours from organic and local producers –  The Probiotic Kitchen has crafted organic elixirs incorporating a vegan, probiotic rich, GM free and naturally delicious range without the addition of harmful additives or preservatives. Their aim is to delight the senses while also nourishing your insides and we all know that looking after our insides is a vital element in our everyday lifestyle!

Probiotics – are known as friendly gut bacteria or gut flora. Gut health is an essential tool to maintaining your wellbeing – both mentally and physically by enhancing immune function,  improving good digestion and aiding mental clarity. Without well-functioning gut flora, the gut becomes unprotected and malnourished leaving the body in a state of unease.

They use the process of addition by subtraction,  simplifying the processes to make better products to capture clean simplicity and flavour. They delight in careful fermentation with their range containing probiotic microbes filled with active flora. With this attentive fermentation, they are able to ensure that you receive the purest and most delicious goodies – ones that your body will love!

Their Kombucha Flavours include: 

       > Ginger Ninja
> Blueberry Pie

       > Jasmine Original
       > Turmeric Beauty Elixir

Cheers to Good Gut Health! #poweredbyprobiotics

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