Soul Chats || Embody Divine Feminine Energies with Tamika Hilder



We chat with Tamika Hilder one of the worlds leading voices in the area of personal development and consciousness. She shares with us her journey, the divine feminine energies,  examples of feminine wounds and the importance of balancing the masculine and feminine energies to evolve to our full potential.

We hope that this special message may assist you to connect within and #energiseyourconfidence



Tell us about yourself and your journey

This is a big question. I am currently writing a book about it so I’ll do my best to give you the short version. I grew up feeling different, knew I was here to assist humanity in a big way yet felt so much pain within myself. After experiencing emotional and physical health challenges, I started on the healing pathway and learned as much as I could. I became qualified in many modalities along the way including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Psych-K, Prenatal Psychology, HypnoBirthing, Medical Intuition, Genome Healing, Tantra and Kundalini Reiki. I’ve delved into the world of coaching which led to emotional healing which led to spirituality and to understanding how this reality we live in works and why as a soul we choose to have this experience.

Being a natural teacher, I have taught what I have learned along the way. The foundation of my journey has been learning how to go within, connect to my feelings, accept them and flow with them. I feel things very deeply and a big part of my journey has been to simply accept this fact, without making myself wrong, or feeling as though my feelings need to be fixed or changed. To know who I am and why I am here has been a big part of my healing. I grew up not liking the world I lived in, and coming to know myself better, I now understand that I’m here to create a new world. This new world will birth through each person going within to awaken the light they have within them. It’s a process of self-inquiry, deep journeying, and slowly unraveling the layers one by one so we can awaken to the love we are on the inside.

My journey I hope to be one that inspires millions globally to awaken to who they are so that we may create peace on Earth.

What made you start Path of the Goddess?

I had delved into personal development for ten years and it resulted in me having a very empowered mind and understanding the spiritual possibilities, however emotionally I did not feel the way I wanted to. There were parts of me that were still dis-empowered, separate and held trauma. I didn’t realise, but I needed to go deeper than the mind and into my body where the trauma sat unresolved. My practice of tantra with a loving partner brought me into my body and helped me to feel again. This process brought to the surface many unhealed aspects of my childhood that were gently resolved over a period of two years. I went through a massive transformation, moved into wholeness within myself, and connected to my soul more deeply than ever before. And although the journey never ends, I realised that what I was teaching was outdated. I needed to create something which reflected the transformation which I had gone through. The Path of The Goddess is a healing pathway that reflects the evolution that a woman can go through to become her potential and to embody the divine feminine energies. I feel as though this work is the very reason I am here.

Describe some examples of the feminine wounds:

The suppression of the feminine causes either a woman to go inward and become dis-empowered or for her to move outward and project her wounds onto others. These results of these wounds can include:

  • Fear of speaking your truth or sharing your deeper feelings (this can manifest as thyroid issues)
  • Masculine, hardened shell to protect the heart from previous hurt or pain
  • Burn out, adrenal fatigue or exhaustion from living in a masculine way
  • Feeling unworthy, undervalued, and not important (which leads to staying in relationships and situations which do not serve or nourish a woman)
  • Disconnection to creativity, passion and joy for life (this can lead to issues around feminine reproductive health and fertility)
  • Fear of vulnerability
  • Un-trusting heart; fear of the masculine, and of life
  • Insecurity and competition of other women
  • Anger, rage, resentment, grief at the suppression
  • Manipulation of men; using their sexuality as a means of gaining power

Explain to us the importance of balancing the feminine and masculine energy

This I believe is the most important thing that is needed in our world. I feel the split between masculine and feminine energy is the very reason we have a world that values power over love. We see the death and destruction that this is causing. We need both energies. They are both important and unique. However they need to work in harmony. The feminine consciousness includes love, creativity, intuition, unity, compassion, gentleness, connection and nurturing. The masculine qualities include logic, focus, willpower, strength, action, structure and presence. They are both needed to create life. However we want to create life that is harmonious with all other life and aids in the healthy evolution of all species, therefore the feminine consciousness and qualities are needed within the patriarchal society to provide balance.

Why is your work so different to other’s?

My work is fairly new in that most people are not aware of the divine feminine consciousness and the importance of it. It is an energy which has been suppressed for thousands of years therefore at this time in our evolution there are only a few women at the helm of feeling this consciousness and allowing it to flow through again. These few leaders include myself and so we are pioneering work which allows this feminine consciousness to be embodied and lived by women. Bringing women back to their natural source of energy, self-worth and power. Path of the Goddess truly honours what a woman needs to come back into balance and for her to reconnect to her feminine essence, and to awaken her true power. We do this not from mind-based coaching methods, but from body-centered practices which awaken the feminine energy once again.

Who inspires you?

Women like Oprah inspire me as she is fully connected to her purpose, has incredible expression and is serving so many.

You’re a life coach, mentor, soulpreneur, healer, inspirational speaker – What do you love most about your job?

Seeing the transformation in my clients and feeling the energy of inspiration when I speak to an audience. It brings me to tears often.

What’s your favourite mantra you would like to share?

Your task is not to seek for love. Your task is to seek and find all the  barriers you have built within yourself again love. Rumi.

At Femme Body we believe it is important to connect within and empower our feminine energy to assist in embracing confidence – How do you energise your confidence daily?

Confidence has been an interesting journey for me. I’ve had a lot of self-doubt through my life and I’ve lacked in confidence, however my purpose has always been greater than my fears, despite my fears feeling immense at times! So I connect to that place within my soul, and ask to be guided from that place of love, wisdom and power and to have that flow through me each day and especially during my work. I ask to be vessel of divine love that benefits my client and serves the higher good of all. This is my daily prayer.


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