Clean House Clean Soul!

Having a clean house assists with keeping you vibrant and fresh allowing you to feel connected and present in your personal space. It’s important to be in alignment with your mind, body and soul with your home as it is one of the spaces we are most connected with and we can easily get disconnected with stresses that life may bring. Interior Designer Emma-rose shares with us some secrets for keeping a clean space!


A clean house isn’t just “nice to have,” it’s actually a necessity for good mental and physical health.

This conquest of orderliness within my home causes me to reflect upon the similarities between cleaning my home and cleaning my soul.

To be honest, what better time of the year to complete a clean out!

It is an opportunity to open all the windows and doors, let some fresh air in, and make our homes a clean, happy and organised place.

Organising your wardrobe is the first step to organising the rest of your home.

Yeah I know… some things have meaning and I’m not saying ‘get rid of absolutely everything’ just get rid of those unused clothes and accessories.

I found some affordable cardboard storage boxes at Ikea, which made my wardrobe look more appealing to my obsessive compulsive eyes.

I’m a bit ruthless when it comes to things/possessions-

I say “If in doubt throw it out”, If you haven’t used it since ‘1982’ then gather a pile and give it to those less fortunate.

By the time you get to the main living areas and kitchen you should be on a roll and find it easy to decipher those unwanted and unused household items.

Once all of the un-needed items, clutter and junk have been removed, and you’ve completed the re-organisation of all remaining household goods, clothes and accessories, you can then look into possibly bringing in some new art, furniture, home-wares and freshen up your living and bedroom spaces.

A quick way to makeover any room is by changing the textiles- for example- cushions, throws, rugs and towels.

This is an affordable way to bring new life to a room.

Being around flowers and greenery is good for the soul, creating new energy.

They are the perfect way to naturally brighten your home or office.

Nurturing a plant, watching it grow and nourish is both cleansing and rewarding.

Here are my top tips for incorporating some healthy plant life into your home:

–    Give your plants a lift, by placing them on benches, shelves and plant stands.

–   Hanging plants, they can be kept out of the way but dramatically change the feel of a room.

–   Grow vertically, vertical gardens are a great choice for apartments or houses with limited space, by planting a garden up a wall instead of in the ground.

– Beautiful pots, change the look and feel by bringing in different patterns and colours to express your creativity and bring your garden to life.

I hope I’ve inspired you a little bit to get your home organised,  to give you a fresh start into 2017.

I promise you, once this is done your everyday routine will become easier over time.

To me, nothing beats the feeling of having a clean, tidy and organised home.

Happy cleaning xx


You can connect with Emma-rose here:

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