ENERGY EXCHANGE || Fitness Expert Camilla Akerberg Talks With Femme Body

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We interview 26 year old,  fitness expert  Camilla Akerberg –  Scandinavian/Australian qualified Personal Trainer, online coach, fitness model and blogger. 


Tell us about yourself and how you got started in the Health and Fitness Industry

My story is a roller coaster of finding my path. It’s about feeling lost, failing, then getting up and trying again. I grew up with defined values and views of how things are to be done in life. I was confused because I knew I was different from the ‘system’ I always thought I had to follow. It takes belief in yourself to be able to follow your dreams and for me the dream was always clear: creating a life I don’t need a holiday from. Realizing that I was able to build a career around my passion for training, nutrition, health and the amazing feeling of helping others turn their life into something better is the outcome of this all.

My Story…

I come from a highly educated, academic family- so although fitness and staying active has always been a big part of my life, it was something I didn’t realize that I could do as a career til later on. In my mind, the way it worked was:

Step one: Do well in school

Step two: Get a University degree

Step three: Get a 9-5 job like everybody else

Step four: Stop complaining, work is not supposed to be fun

But I wanted to be different. I wanted more excitement and adventure. I wanted to LOVE what I do. Ever since I was little I have always been very goal focused, and I when I have a goal I work my arse off to get there. Being the adventurous one out of my family I decided at an early age that I wanted to be a Marine Biologist. When I was 10 years old I wrote a life plan that lead me to my goal of studying Marine Biology overseas. I followed every step of that plan; including spending months of traveling and months of diving in the Indonesian waters and becoming a professional Scuba Diver. I moved to Australia for university studies and was modelling on the side for a bit of. I graduated from Griffith University from a Bachelor of Science degree, double majoring in Marine Biology and Eco Tourism, in 2011.

I finished my degree with the graduation papers in my hand that very much symbolized my childhood dream. I gently placed my achieved dream into a manila folder and put it away. Goal reached. It wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore though. I knew that.

In a lost state of mind- not having a bigger goal to work for anymore which I had had most of my life so far- I jumped back into the system I knew so well.

Step three: Get a 9-5 job like everybody else

Step four: Stop complaining, work is not supposed to be fun

Whilst working a job I hated on a minimal income, with a narcissistic boss with old-school, shallow values of women, inappropriate comments and no extra pay for working extra days (which there certainly were a few of)- I felt like I was failing at life. I was stressed and unhappy.

“The gym became my happy place. Exercising cleared my head, and helped me focus on the things that were important to me.”

It was at this time I started to take my fitness and health to the next level. Cutting down on sugar (lollies especially), eating clean, real foods and learning more about nutrition and my own body and training right according to my fitness goals got me hooked on a new healthier lifestyle.

“I would come home from work and read articles and in my spare time. The best project you will ever work on is you!”

I found a love for developing myself for the better I started sharing my journey on social media and got amazing support from people I had never met before. People were sharing my photos for inspiration, it was an amazing feeling.One day I had had enough of the supressing work environment. I had fallen and it was time to get up and give it another go. I quit the job that was dragging down my mental health and started to focus on things I actually enjoyed whilst working as a rep for a large fitness apparel company.

With a science degree behind me, I certified in a Natural Nutrition and became a fully qualified personal trainer and kept on reading articles and learning as much as I could and applying things to my own lifestyle. I got this amazing control over my own body and found my balance. I built muscle, dropped fat and transformed my body. I now have a six pack. Every day. All the time. But more importantly- I have energy; I’m happy and feel amazing.

I wanted to share my knowledge with others and started up a website and to communicate with girls and guys that were on their journey for a healthier lifestyle. There is no better pleasure in life than being able to help someone else. It beats Christmas every time. I had found my new goal, my path and my passion.

Tell us about your recently launched e-book and plan

The “BodyPower” nutritional/mindset guideline eBook and my workout plans represent over 100 pages of information, techniques and tools based on research and ways that I personally used to get in shape and ways I maintain my lean, fit looking physique. The workouts are easy to follow with explanations and illustrations and progress over time in difficulty so that you keep on getting results throughout the plan! The cardio is all based to your body and your goal. It’s not a “one-way-works-for-all” approach, rather focuses the differences amongst us and that one way isn’t the right way for everyone. You learn about nutrition, foods that are good for you and why and what to eat when! We speak about mindset and getting yourself on track to set goals you actually will follow.

What are your future goals?

I want to grow my online reach and be able to help even more people around the globe to make healthier changes in their life. It is the most amazing feeling getting an email from someone across the other side of the world letting me know the results they are getting from my plan and how much they are enjoying my eBook! To think I helped them change their life. They are happier, fitter, stronger and in a better place now. That is pretty awesome.

I moved to Sydney in March and have some exciting opportunities coming up. Taking on a handful of face to face VIP clients in Sydney is something I am excited about. I have some exciting overseas Personal Training Plans for this year which will give me the chance to connect and train with people face to face from other places all over the world too! Product development is something that also will be on the cards as i have always have had a big passion for design and being creative in this way.

What would we find in your gym bag?

My shaker with BCAAs, protein in a tub, gym towel, sunnies, a portable charger, phone and wallet.

Who’s your fitness inspiration?

That overweight person that said “no, this is enough” and changed his/her life for the better and is now reducing their waist line and feeling amazing. That young girl/guy who suffered from an eating disorder and now creating a healthy relationship with food and putting on muscle mass. That old woman or man who could hardly stand up from a chair and now doing light leg presses in the gym with his /her personal trainer and remaining independent for longer. These people inspire me.

What are your favourite items from Femme Body?

The Elegance 7/8 Tights and The Active Cropped Jacket!! Love the feel, the look, the design and I just feel great wearing them!

How does Femme Body make you feel?

Exercising and being healthy is about feeling good inside out! Wearing stylish gym outfits, that are so comfortable too, really helps me to boost my confidence.

What’s your favourite way to stay active and energise your confidence?

I love a good weight session in the gym wearing a gym outfit I love! And for cardio… Adventures/exploring new places or beach walks with friends and being surrounded with people that motivate me and lift me higher.

Give us your advice on goal setting

This is something that is so important for you to get results! Your goals need to be specific! Measurable, have a time-frame for when you want it done and you need to believe that you can achieve it. It all starts with the right mindset!

What message would you like to share with other women?

Don’t be scared to lift weights in the gym. They won’t make you bulky rather tone your body and give you that super nice, fit look. And develop your mind about nutrition and health. Learn. Make sure you read good information from trusted sources- like peer reviewed articles or text books and eBooks that reference to research (see my ‘BodyPower’ eBook available at And talk to experts! The more you know about nutrition and how the body works the better are your chances of making informative decisions about your health and wellness.