Benefits Of Drinking From a Glass Water Bottle Instead Of Plastic




Health is the greatest wealth – looking after your health and caring for the environment are two important factors that may make you consider switching from plastic to glass bottles.Glass water bottles have various advantages over plastic water bottles. Read below to find out why it is such a popular alternative:

Environmentally Friendly & Longer Lasting

Glass is a recycable material complimenting a plastic free lifestyle and won’t degrade over time. By being recyclable, allows the product to be kept in use, out of landfills and is environmentally sound. Plastic bottles are known to end up in landfills or oceans which can create a negative impact on the environment.

Contamination Free & Liquids Kept Fresh

Glass bottles help provide a pure taste, don’t contain harmful contaminants, and do not absorb liquids from various types of beverages it has been in contact with. Water contained inside the bottle is kept fresh without the contamination of any chemicals. You may have experienced tasting something odd when taking a sip of water from a plastic or metal bottle which may be caused from residue of previous liquids that have been held in the bottle or can be known to be a hazardous chemical such as bisphenol A (BPA) which is harmful for human consumption.

Easy To Clean

Glass Bottles are easy to use and easy to be kept clean. Glass is safe to use in dishwashers and can be washed at high temperatures – whereas plastic bottles may melt and is known that plastic is more likely to leak chemicals in heat.


See below images of our Bamboo Glass Water Bottles + Tea Flasks: