ENERGY EXCHANGE || Avril Mathie Shares With Us How She Makes Her Move


To tie in with this months Make Your Move Campaign – we have interviewed our girl Avril Mathie – Fitness Lover, Chocoholic, Aussie Boxer, Swimsuit Model – who shares with us how she makes her active move daily!

Tell us why you stepped into the world of Health & Fitness

I didn’t start realising the importance of health and fitness until 21. As a kid I played every sport and my parents gave me no other option than to eat healthily, so I completely took for granted what it took to be slim, fit and healthy. After high school and into my independent years, traveling, partying, Nutella sandwiches, gorging on salami and sausage rolls and a generally carefree and unhealthy lifestyle took its toll and I put on 10kg in 6 months.

When I realised, I tried every way I knew how – starving myself and running every day – to lose the weight… unsuccessfully. Eventually I found the answers and became so intrigued with learning how the body works that I made it my life study. I have spent around 10 years now learning the hard way, injuring myself (well, thankfully I’ve been past that point for a few years haha), trying every (logical) diet and training method out there, until after a few years I finally got the balance right and was confident to dish out advice to others. Over the past 7 years I have been lucky enough to see the health, fitness and lives of many happy clients transform and flourish and that is what motivates me to keep going!

What does being active and healthy mean to you?

I think being active and healthy is about feeling energized, highly physically functional and happy via a regime that is maintainable year round.

What’s your favourite way to move and keep active?

Boxing!! I love that there is always something to learn, that half the time I’m having so much fun I don’t even realise how hard I am working. I also love to run outdoors, especially when traveling to explore new cities.

Do you have any advice for girls that are just starting and getting involved in their active journey?

Find what you love… Types of exercise, healthy foods, etc. Focus on your achievements (or lack of), what caused them and how you can keep moving closer to your goal – don’t worry about what anyone else is doing because they’re not you. And if it sounds too good to be true (latest diet plan, workout craze, fat burner pills, etc), it most definitely is and you’ll be 10kg heavier in a few months haha. Balance and consistency wins every time.

You travel around the globe quite frequently and are able to maintain your healthy body and live an active lifestyle while on the move. (Every girl loves to travel and keep fit!) So what would be your best tips to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle whilst in and out of travel?

Never miss a workout, and eat your vegetables! The great thing about travelling is that you get to train at gyms all around the world! Everyone has something unique to offer and I have picked up a lot of cool exercises and training methods from my travels. I also love just getting up in the morning, putting on my sneakers and taking off running around exploring the place I’m in. And if you don’t have time to make it to a gym, there are so many things you can do even just in a hotel room (my BodyBAM online fitness program was based off of my killer hotel room workouts… No space, no equipment, no worries, no excuses haha).

Eating healthily can be hard at times when traveling, but its not impossible. In fact, often the hardest bit is just making yourself choose the salad instead of the rich, heavy, amazing sounding meal, or skipping on the dessert “that you can’t find anywhere else” haha… When in __ (wherever) right? Haha. But trust me, the salad is good too, otherwise it wouldn’t be on the menu 😉 And that’s not saying I don’t splurge from time to time, but it’s a max of 1 thing a day and I try to have a rule where I have to “pre-work off” any thing Ill eat in the future. So if I’m at the ice-cream store and I know I chose not to do that bit extra that morning, then it will have to wait until the next day. I enjoy life, but with discipline.

You’ve recently just launched your new online fitness program ‘Body By Avril Mathie’ ( – share with us what the program is about and how girls can begin to make their move

There are so many contradicting choices… advice, diet plans, biased “scientific research”, ways to exercise, etc… It’s confusing right?!! Which is why I created BodyBAM, to keep things simple, effective and most of all, fun.

BodyBAM will teach you MORE than just how to lose weight, I will teach you how to sculpt your body exactly the way you want it; target problem areas, create healthy, new habits and a lifestyle that will make you feel the best you have ever felt. And more than this, how to do it in a way that you can maintain forever.

This is not my opinion; over 10 years I have personally heard, studied, researched and tried almost everything from all corners of the globe. I’m taking all the guesswork out for you to show you what actually works and presenting it to you with the complications removed.

Unlike other programs, BodyBAM is NOT a one-size-fits-all program, we are all waaayyy to unique for that! I will teach you how to individually tailor your regime to suit you, your ability, your nutritional needs and your schedule.

And I wanted to put it online so you can workout with me from anywhere in the world, no equipment required… Resistance training, boxing, yoga, pilates, cardio… Its more than just a workout program though, you get a 160 page e-book, diet plans, daily motivation, 100’s of demo videos explaining everything so you know you’re doing it right, there is a forum where you can ask me any questions along the way and so much more. Check it out at

What message would you like to share with the world?

If you want something, make it happen. You are capable of anything, with just a little self-belief. It took me a long time to find that confidence in myself, but once I did it was the turning point in all my success.