Are You Moving With Purpose?


Move With Purpose…. You may ask yourself what does that even mean?….

Femme Body is more than just the products that we create,  it is about being conscious and being aware of our mind-set, to take responsibility to make healthy choices. We provide a space of wellness for women to feel inspired to take empowered action in their day to day.

Why? Because the mind and the body connection is oh so powerful!

It’s really true…  every cell in our body is eavesdropping on our thoughts!! Every thought is a connection to our body, so it vital that we become conscious of the space of  HOW we are moving, HOW we are fuelling our-self as we are always in a continuous state of change.

Mind power is one of our most powerful, valuable assets that we hold. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, can positively or negatively affect our bodies and our wellbeing. Our brains are constantly communicating with our immune system, cells, our emotional responses and all the organs in our body.

We each carry an electromagnetic field around us and have our very own unique vibrational energy field, our energy supports our every move and this will affect what shows up for us within ourselves and our surroundings. The thoughts that we fuel our mind with are responsible for what occurs in our life.

When you flex a muscle it becomes stronger, so practising mindfulness is like working out for the brain, it allows us to become more conscious of our mental state and should be practiced on a daily basis. When we use the power of our mind and expand our level of self- awareness, our energy will start to flow freely, we become into alignment with our best self, gain a new perspective and start to transform.

Our thoughts can influence our behaviour and by being aware of our mind-set we allow space for us to bring our attention to focus on the present moment which then leads us to take the right ACTION and carry out the rights RESPONSES towards our goals to look after our overall wellbeing.