As well as being the Creative Director + Designer of Femme Body, Katharina Espinoza is a wellness + women’s empowerment mentor, blogger + Reiki practitioner. Her passion is to empower women to live a balanced, active lifestyle – encouraging them to always move with purpose. Katharina feels as centred while immersed in the creative process of designing a new collection as she does while exercising. She believes in holistic health, indulging in life’s luxuries + that she is truly a hippie at heart.

My dream is for women to have what I have: a healthy, intuitive relationship with their own mind and body.

I spent my youth living in resistance with my own body, feeling like I was in a never-ending battle with my own image. I felt disconnected with both my surroundings and myself.
My mindset about who I was and what I was feeling at the time was toxic. I was constantly picking at my body to pieces. My mistake was seeking external acceptance instead of looking inside myself at all that I was and discovering the potential of who I could be.

Something had to change.

I started making the conscious decision to take a different approach, to find my purpose and to move my mental and physical health forward. It took time, however — listening to my mums spiritual teachings about mindset helped me choose a path of deep awakening, personal transition and realisation – I climbed out of the negative fog of energy that had once smothered me. I learned to trust something higher, releasing everything that no longer served me. I had been guided to the re-birth of my own self.

Now, after 10 years of spiritual practice, enacting a positive mindset and living consciously, I’ve seen my life evolve to one that is full of abundance.

Part of this abundance was the creation of FEMME Body; an extension of my life and my self. My intention is to create luxurious active wear and to foster a space of wellness that motivates, inspires and supports women all over the globe to live with confidence and to move with purpose.

I believe mindset is the foundation to daily active living. When you really connect to a place within yourself, you find that results will come to you naturally.

I wish this for all women and hope that my designs and this space serves you well in pursuit of your life’s purpose.

Love, Katharina