ENERGY EXCHANGE || We chat with no.1 trainer for Busy Mum’s – Kelly Rennie


Tell us about yourself and your 8 week Busy Mum Program 

The Busy Mum Program is a complete transformation program whether they have a 4 month old or 20 year old. We cover education, mindset, nutrition, exercise but most importantly teach them how to create a lifestyle and get lasting results.


What’s the day in the life of Kelly like?

Pretty much just a Mum day, well working Mum that is… Drop the kids off, head off to do some exercise then I work from 9-3pm daily. I try make sure my time with the girls after childcare is dedicated to them as being self employed means you can work all the time.

How do you juggle your fitness business, being a mum – looking after your two girls and incorporate balance?

It’s tough but I a manage. My priority is being a healthy Mum, so it’s important I look after myself so my girls have a Mummy full of energy and life. I do take time out for myself when needed, self care is very important, whether a walk on the beach or a float session.

What’s your favourite items from the Femme Body active wear collection?

Love the Movement Run Shorts and Exhale Sports Bra!

How does Femme Body make you feel?

The clothing is superb, love the style and the confidence wearing it.


Who is your fitness inspiration?

Probably Jamie Eason

How do you stay motivated, what inspires you?

Living a life of health and happiness, that’s what motivates me. My kids also, I want to inspire them.

What’s your favourite meal?

Thai Curry I think

What piece of advice would you like to send to other mums?

Just aim for consistency, not perfection. Life can be tough being a Mum, so do what you can when you can..