Why Bamboo Blend?

W H Y   B A M B O O  B L E N D?


At Femme Body, we value environmental sustainability and wanted to incorporate this aspect into our brand along with ensuring our customers feel comfortable and confident in luxury style.

The bamboo plant and bamboo fabric is known for a number of features, which makes it perfect to use for leisure and active outings. The fabric is known for its high moisture wicking, breathable properties and it is quite luxurious and soft to touch delivering comfort and a first class quality feel.

Along with these properties the bamboo plant is also known for a number of eco – friendly characteristics having a lower environmental impact and considered to be more sustainable compared to other textiles fibres.

The bamboo plant is known to be able to grow organically without irrigation, pesticides, chemical’s and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world – delivering more oxygen then hardwood trees.

You’ll find that we have integrated the bamboo fabric into our Exhale Sports Bra, Femme Muscle Tee and Comfort Muscle Tee.